Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finding My Inner Calm at the Yoga Show

 I went to the Yoga Show yesterday, which happens every year in Toronto to showcase all things peaceful, mindful and good.

The conference lasts all weekend with workshops offered by many yoga greats such as Rodney Yee and Sean Corne.

 I didn't attend the workshops this year, but I did go to the consumer show and saw everything from clothing and mats to scented candles and holistic treats.

Where are the pics, you might ask?

Well, I brought my camera only to discover when I went to snap my first picture that I left my memory card at home in my computer.

No problem, my camera will hold about 10 shots, I would just be selective.

On the way home I realized that I had lost the USB hook up for camera a while ago and would have no way of retrieving said photos.

Oh dear.

However, I can show you what I got :)

Some free loot. (I was actually disappointed at the lack of free samples, I think I have been a bit spoiled from the last few shows I been at.  Now I am going to every show expecting to hit the jackpot :)

I also bought two of these:

A Passport to Prana gives me access to over 75 yoga studios in the GTA.  You are able to take one class at each studio over the course of a year.  

A great way to try out different classes and styles and to help you decide where you would like to practice.  For $30, it is a great deal!

I am off to visit the family this weekend, so expect a late post tomorrow :)

Have you used a Passport to Prana?  Which studio/yoga style is your favourite?

Stay Healthy,

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