Friday, July 14, 2006

Safe Summer Exercise

Summer is a great time to engage in fun activities for you and the whole family. With temperatures soaring, take heed with these summer safe exercise tips

Drink Water! – You need to stay hydrated and drink more water as we sweat much more when it is hot outside. Drink 12 ounces of water before your exercise and 16 ounces for every 20 minutes of exercise!

Take It Easy – On hot days, slow up you pace or shorten your workout. A healthy lifestyle comes over time, no need to over do it

Dress For Success – Where a single layer of loose, light weight clothing to allow the skin to breathe. Avoid exercising between 11am-2pm when it is the hottest

Exercise With Your Head– Be sun smart – wear a hat and sunscreen! Make sure you reapply after your workout

Cool It – Don’t forget to incorporate a cool down for at least 5 minutes so your body temperature can return to normal. Include some stretching to further cool down your muscles

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