Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fun with Cardio


We all know that cardio is an important part of our exercise program (to strengthen the heart and lungs, improve endurance and burn calories to name a few). We also know it is sometimes hard to imagine the words "fun" and "cardio" together.

Even I have to admit that cardio tends to be the least favourite part of my workout. There is just something about going round and round on my elliptical trainer for 30 minutes that is...well, boring.

But....I realized that it doesn't have to be that way. Here a few tips to help you having fun with cardio:

1. Pump Up The Jam - Music can help motivate you through the toughest workouts and even put a smile on your face :)

2. Mix It Up - Who says you have to spend 45 minutes on one piece of equipment? Try to break it up with 15 minutes each on the treadmill, stationary bike and rower.

3. Do What You Like - If you hate the elliptical trainer, you are not going to be motivated to do your best. Choosing the modality that you like will help you stick with it.

4. Think Outside The Box - Take your cardio out of the gym and try swimming, cycling, running, hiking...the possibilities are endless.

What is your best cardio tip?

Stay Healthy,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No More Ice Cream!

Have you ever swore off your favourite treat?

Have you also noticed that when you tell yourself that this snack is not allowed, you crave it even more only to eventually give in to that craving?

For me, this forbidden favourite is ice cream. I love it, all flavours and varieties. While I know that ice cream is not the most healthy food choice, I have learned that I CAN include it in my weekly diet.

The key: Moderation

I understand that the word moderation is very simple in theory and not always so easy when you are faced with a tub of Ben & Jerry's but bear with me here.

Instead of opening up the container and grabbing a spoon, take a scoop and put it on a small cone. If you love potato chips, place a handful of chips in a small bowl instead of diving into the entire bag. Do you crave fried chicken? Grab one leg and leave the bucket on the counter.

Are you getting the idea?

Nothing is off limits if you can use some portion control and enjoy in moderation.

Stay Healthy,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What is Your Passion?


Sometimes it amazes me how all things are connected.

As many of you know, I am back at school studying communications but still am still active in health and fitness and continue to blog about it.

As a project for one of my classes I have to create and maintain a blog about may passion. Well, I have been doing that for 4 years! How great is it that that my worlds can come together.

This brings me to the question of the day: What are you passionate about and how can you link it to living a healthier life?

For example, if you are an and avid scrapbooker, you could create a book of "lightened up" desserts for a friend. Are you committed to improving the environment? Take your kids for a walk and pick up trash along the way. Do you love to read? Pick up a few books on the latest diet craze and educate yourself.

Try it. You will be surprised how everything can be connected to a healthier you!

Stay healthy,

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A New Year, A New You


Is the fall gone already?

I know, I know, it has been a LONG time since my last post.

School has kept me very busy and has been quite a challenge. It seems like a lot more work than the first time around but I am really enjoying it and looking forward to taking my life in a new direction.

Speaking of new - Happy New Year!

I am sure that many of you have already made some New Years Resolutions. Tell me, do some of them look familiar? If you are like many of us, you make the same ones every year - lose weight, stress less, relax more etc.

Well, this year I challenge you to think outside the box: Make a resolution to reconnect with an old friend, smile more or to not make promises you can't keep. Do something in 2010 that will make you feel good about yourself and help those who are close to you. Your kindness will be rewarded.

So, what are your "new" New Years Resolutions?

Stay healthy,


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