Sunday, January 24, 2010

No More Ice Cream!

Have you ever swore off your favourite treat?

Have you also noticed that when you tell yourself that this snack is not allowed, you crave it even more only to eventually give in to that craving?

For me, this forbidden favourite is ice cream. I love it, all flavours and varieties. While I know that ice cream is not the most healthy food choice, I have learned that I CAN include it in my weekly diet.

The key: Moderation

I understand that the word moderation is very simple in theory and not always so easy when you are faced with a tub of Ben & Jerry's but bear with me here.

Instead of opening up the container and grabbing a spoon, take a scoop and put it on a small cone. If you love potato chips, place a handful of chips in a small bowl instead of diving into the entire bag. Do you crave fried chicken? Grab one leg and leave the bucket on the counter.

Are you getting the idea?

Nothing is off limits if you can use some portion control and enjoy in moderation.

Stay Healthy,

1 comment:

  1. Is one bottle of one considered moderation? After's only one bottle -:)




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