Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Keep Holiday Snacking at Bay

Don't let holiday parties sabotage your diet! You can still have fun with your friends without sacrificing your waistline. Here is how:

1. Don't Go On An Empty Stomach
All the Delicious treats will be even more tempting if you are starving. Have a healthy snack before the party such as some fruit or a hand-full of nuts

2. Drink Up
Fill up on water with lemon or iced tea to give the illusion of fullness. But watch out for alcoholic drinks - they can pack a huge amount of calories

3. Watch Where You Hang Out
Don't lounge around the buffet table or your will be more tempted to snack. Put some distance between you and the snacks and you will eat less.

4. Fill Up On Fibre First
Start with the raw veggie and fruit platter to fill you up - not out! Save the sweets table for last.

5. Don't Eat Because Everyone Else Is!
Eating is a social activity and with so much food around during the holidays, sometime we eat because everyone else is. try and avoid this trap by sipping on a low calorie drink to keep your hands busy!

Monday, December 04, 2006

You Ask, I Answer!

Q: What is the Glycemic Index?

A: This is a great question! The glycemic index is a measure of the ability of a food to raise blood sugar levels after it is eaten. The index compares the blood sugar response to a particular food with the body’s reaction to pure glucose (sugar), which is given the value of 100.

Low GI = 55 or less
Medium GI
= 56 – 69
High GI = 70 or more

Q: I exercise regularly and try to eat right, do I really need to take a multivitamin?

A: What a great question! People are taking supplements more than ever including 100 million Americans and over the half the Canadian population. Although it is recommended, it is often difficult to get all the nutrients we need from food alone. Here are a few things to consider to see if you are a candidate for a daily multivitamin:

Poor Dietary Habits - Despite our effort to eat a healthy balanced diet, many people are not eating a wide enough variety of foods to get all the vitamins they need

Are you over 65? - This populations is greatly at risk for nutritional deficiencies. Many older adults so not get enough nutrients from food or are unable to utilize them due to disease or sickness

Are you taking Medications? - many prescription and over the counter medications increase our need for certain vitamins and minerals. Please consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Host A Fitness Fiesta!

Are you tired of working out alone? Grab your running shoes and water bottle, invite the girls over and have an exercise party! You can have fun and get fit at the same time. Here are some ideas to make you fitness fiesta a success:

Go Shopping

If you need to update your fitness gear, go shopping with your friend right before the party. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothing and have a great pair of running shoes

Eat Healthy

Make sure that you have some great snacks on hand for your guests to refuel! Go for a veggie platter with low-fat dip, fresh fruit and lots of water

Moving and Grooving

Decide what kind of exercise you would like to do. Are you feeling energetic? Go for a dance based fitness class. Do you want to work on strength? Pilates is a great choice. Pop in your favourite video and you are ready to rumble. Or you could hire a personal training to come to your house and do a group training session.

Cool It!

Make sure you do a cool down after your workout. Why not get a yoga instructor to come to you house and do a relaxation exercise for the whole group? It is not very expensive and you will learn some great tips and techniques

Pamper Yourself

Reward your guests for a job well done; send them home with Pamper Packs. They could include a soothing CD, potpourri and bubble bath! They will definitely want to come back next time!


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