Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Keep Holiday Snacking at Bay

Don't let holiday parties sabotage your diet! You can still have fun with your friends without sacrificing your waistline. Here is how:

1. Don't Go On An Empty Stomach
All the Delicious treats will be even more tempting if you are starving. Have a healthy snack before the party such as some fruit or a hand-full of nuts

2. Drink Up
Fill up on water with lemon or iced tea to give the illusion of fullness. But watch out for alcoholic drinks - they can pack a huge amount of calories

3. Watch Where You Hang Out
Don't lounge around the buffet table or your will be more tempted to snack. Put some distance between you and the snacks and you will eat less.

4. Fill Up On Fibre First
Start with the raw veggie and fruit platter to fill you up - not out! Save the sweets table for last.

5. Don't Eat Because Everyone Else Is!
Eating is a social activity and with so much food around during the holidays, sometime we eat because everyone else is. try and avoid this trap by sipping on a low calorie drink to keep your hands busy!

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