Monday, January 08, 2007

Keeping Your Resolution to Get Fit!

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a good holiday and are ready to make 2007 the best year ever! I know you have all made new years resolutions and I am sure the #1 on your list is "To lose weight or start exercising" and for some of you it has been on your list for many years. I am going to share some tips with you to help you actually keep your vow to a healthier 2007 and you will have fun doing it! You make this resolution every year and by February you have fizzled out! Not this time! Here are some easy tips to help you make fitness your lifestyle, not a resolution

1. Take Small Steps
If you make too many resolutions it can be very overwhelming and even more disappointing if you don't reach your goals. Make a list of 2-3 simple tasks that you can work on right away (start eating breakfast, taking a walk after dinner, drinking more water). Once you have done them consistently for a week, add 2 more things to your list (take a tour of the local gym, make a healthy shopping list) Making your resolutions more manageable with make you feel more successful

2. Don't Do It Alone
Make becoming healthy a priority for your whole family. Ask you kids to help you when you are preparing healthy meals and plan activities that you can do together. You can also ask a friend to be your workout partner at the gym or your walking buddy!

3. Ask For Help
If you are beginning an exercise program - talk to a professional! A dietitian and personal trainer can help you set goals, give you a healthy meal plan and help you manage your time so you can fit in fitness. Working with a trainer will put you on the right track and keep you motivated

4. Celebrate Your Successes
Did you reach one of the goals on your list? That's great! Now, how are you going to celebrate? It is important to recognize your achievements even if it just means sharing your story with your friends and family

5. Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself
We all slip up and fall into a rut. If you miss a day of exercise or have fast food for lunch, forgive yourself and move on.

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