Monday, January 22, 2007

Fast Fitness Q & A

You keep on asking so I keep on answering! I love getting your questions so here are a few of the most popular Fitness FAQ's. Keep the questions coming!

Q: I have heard that the best cardio is running on a treadmill. Is this true?

A: Running on the treadmill does provide a great cardiovascular workout but it is not your only option. The "best cardio" is the exercise that you are going to do at maximum intensity. If you don't like running, chances are that you are not going to work very hard on a treadmill. The reason that running is often noted as the best workout is that it is a very high output activity. High output equals more calories burned. However, if you work with that same intensity on a cross trainer or a bicycle, you will get similar results. Here is what you do: Find the activity that you most like to do, invest in a heart rate monitor and try to perform that activity between 65% -85% intensity. (the HR monitor will do this for you)

Q: I am 45 years old and have never worked out a day in my life! I would like to get active but I have absolutely no idea where to begin. Help Me!

A: Congratulations on your choice to start getting healthy! The first that you need to do is visit your doctor to make sure that it is safe for you to begin an exercise program. Then next thing is to ask yourself the following questions: What are my fitness goals? Do I need help in achieving these goals? Would I like to work out at home or at a gym? Who do I have that will support me in my journey? Take your questions and answers to a fitness professional. Even if you any invest in one session, they can show you exercise techniques and design a program tailored to your needs. In the meantime, take small steps. Gradually start adding activity into your day - take the stairs at work, go for a walk with a friend after dinner. All of these steps add up to make big changes.

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