Monday, March 12, 2007

The Deaded 4-Letter Word

Oh yes, you know what word I mean - DIET! How many times have you been on a "diet"? How many times have you told yourself that you would "diet" tomorrow? If you are like me, you are so tired of that word - lets get rid of it - forever. Read on to learn how to remove it from you life and be happier for it!

We have all been sucker in by diet ads that sounds so appealing "Watch the Pounds Melt Off" or "It Works Like Magic!". And when the diet fails (90-95% of them do) we blame ourselves for not having enough will power.

The truth is that many "diets" are designed to fail but setting us up for eventual weight game and personal failure. Many diets are often low in calories and nutrients. WE do lose weight but once you are off the "diet", you gain the weight back - sometimes with a vengeance! Well, no more. Here are 5 tips to help you remove the dreaded 4 letter word "diet" from your vocabulary - forever!

1. Stop
Stop listening to the diet hype and expecting immediate results. If there was a magic bullet - the diet industry would not pull in over $30 billion every year. Good health in a lifelong process, not a one pill fix.

2. Eat
Eat regular meals and snacks, starting with breakfast. Choose from a variety of food (Canada's Food Guide has just been revised - so check it out) and don;'t forget to include treats every once in a while

3. Move
Find fun ways to add more activity into your life. Go for a walk, take up a new sport, try a dance class - whatever interests you and will get you to move! You don't need to invest tons of many to stay healthy

4. Toss
The bathroom scale, that is! Stop focusing on you weight and start focusing on taking care of of yourself - body and mind. Make slow changes, simple ones that are easy to stick too.

5. Ask
So you have no idea where to being? Ask a personal trainer and have them design a program for you. Any good professional will not succumb to gimmicks and will send you in the right direction.

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