Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mind Fitness

As many of you know, I just moved to Toronto a few months ago and have been working hard trying to build up my business. I have been busy, tired and stressed. Sound familiar? I thought so. Then it occurred to me that we spend so much time worrying about working out and eating right that we neglect one very important thing: our mind/spirit. Fitness has to start from the inside. We have to be mentally and spiritually healthy before we can do anything else. This week I offer some tips to give your mind a workout. Enjoy!

Here are 5 tips to help you invigorate your spirit and challenge your mind!

1. Read On!
What are you interested in? What would you like to learn more about? Well, pick up a book/magazine and get too it! Reading is a great mental exercise. It keeps your wits sharp and also helps improve concentration. It can also be a great way to wind down and spend some time by yourself.

2. Get Together
Plan a weekly night with your friends to go out, have fun and talk. Maybe you can play cards, start a book club or just meet for coffee. Between work, kids and other obligations, when was the last time you had grown up time? Spending quality time with your friends and getting away from the hustle a bustle of your everyday life will give you a well deserved mental break.

3. Write It Down
Keep a wellness journal. (As you can tell, I am a big fan of writing) At the end of the day write down all of your thoughts, feelings, stresses and goals of the day. Writing can help you clear you head, sort your feelings and mentally prepare you for the day or week to come.

4. Just Relax
Sometimes you just need to take a step back and say "Om". Life can be stressful and it can get worse if you do not take the time to a rest. Did you know that over 40% of full time employees DO NOT take all of their vacation time because they are too busy?????? We need to take time off to recharge our batteries so we can be more productive. So that that vacation NOW!

5. Find Your Philosophy
What is your philosophy on life? Do you try to live it everyday? It can be something as simple as waking up every morning saying "I can" or perhaps you are very devout in your particular faith. What ever you choose, live it the most positive way you can. You will feel better. Positive attracts positive :)

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