Monday, September 18, 2006

Women's Weight Training Myths Busted!

So you think you are going to "bulk up" if you lift weights? You are not alone. Today I am going to debunk some weight training myths and show the women need to build strength!

Myth # 1:
Weight Training Makes You Bulky!

Women do not produce as much testosterone as males do, making it impossible to (naturally) gain huge amounts of muscle mass. Women are also physiologically different than men. Men are typically taller and heavier than women. They have less fat and more muscle mass. What does this mean: men are built to get bigger and women are not. Female bodybuilders spend hours (and I mean hours) a day weight training and following a strict diets to look the way they do.

Myth # 2 Women only need to do cardio. If women do lift weights, they should be very light.

While cardiovascular activity is very important to lose weight and strengthen the heart. It can no replace the benefits that women gain from strength training. Here are just a few perks:

Increased bone strength (decreasing the risk of osteoporosis)
Increased functional strength for daily activities
Higher metabolic rate with the increase in muscle
Improved self esteem and confidence

As for lifting light weights all the time - that is nonsense! Muscle respond to the demands put on them - you have gradually increase your load as the muscle gets used to the Resistance to see results

Stay tuned for more women's training tips in the future!

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