Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Worth Repeating: Indoor Vs. Outdoor Walking/Running

The weather has been just lovely the past few days in Toronto.  The perfect weather to walk or run outside, which I have been fully taking advantage of.  

However, I know that the cooler, darker weather is just around the corner and many of you will be taking your runs/walks inside so I thought this post comparing indoor and outdoor running/walking might helpful.  Enjoy!

Indoor (Treadmill) Walking/Running


  • You can do it any time (if you have one in your home) and it very private
  • You can walk/run in all kinds of weather (however, you may still need to get to the gym)
  • Provides some cushion to support the knees
  • Can provide a challenge if you are used to outdoor walking/running
  • Equip with tools such calories burned, pace, incline and decline (on some models)
  • Are able to read or watch TV during your workout, which can be a motivator


  • Can be a costly investment
  • Not as convenient if you don't have one at home and are unable to get to the gym
  • Walking or running in place can get boring for some people

Outdoor Walking/Running


  • The fresh air and exploring the wonderful places in your neighbourhood
  • Can be a challenge if you are used to treadmill walking/running
  • Able to run/walk with a partner or as a group
  • It is free, with no line ups or waiting for equipment
  • Achieve a greater feeling of accomplishment (this one is hard to explain, it is like you have actually "been" somewhere)


  • Can be weather permitting (although many people get out there, cold, rain or shine)
  • Easier to lose track of time as the numbers are not right in front of you
  • Not very private

Time for you to weigh in!  Indoors or outdoors and why? 
Do you find one harder than the other?

Stay Healthy,

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