Monday, August 18, 2008

Are You In The Know?

I was just at a weekend long fitness conference and I am totally suffering from information overload. From learning about the latest equipment to new ways of training it made me realize a few things:
  1. The world of fitness is growing - There were over 7000 professionals at this conference. Canadians are leading the way in fitness...yay!
  2. Things are constantly changing - With research and more awareness in the world of fitness we are constantly finding more effective ways of training the mind and body.
  3. We are always learning - I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in many areas of health and wellness yet every year at this conference I learn something I didn't know and I need to know.
This brings me to you: It is so important that you educate yourself when it comes to you health. Here are some questions to consider when you are thinking about wellness:

What are your health and fitness goals?
Do you have a specific health condition?
Have you researched it?
Are your working with a personal trainer?
If so, are they certified and educated in the areas that apply to your and your goals?
Do you need to consult with other professionals? (ie Dietitian, Massage Therapist etc.)

There are many more questions you can ask but the big take home message is this: Learn about the latest fitness trends. Ask your trainer questions. Find out why you are doing the exercises they prescribe and what muscles you are working.

Now get out there and learn something.

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