Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning


Spring has sprung!

The days are a little longer, the nights are a little warmer and when I walk outside, I see more smiles than frowns. Everyone is looking forward to the sunshine and warmer weather.

We all think of spring as a time of rebirth - everything comes out of hiding, so to speak, including us :) It is a time when we want to start anew. This time of year many of us to do some "spring cleaning". We go through our houses and get rid of the things we never use or no longer need.

What about a spring cleaning for our bodies? That's right, a detox!

A detox is a process in which we alter our diets in order to rid the body of toxins. This can include fasting, juicing or supplementation. It can result in more energy, a better complexion and even weight loss!

There is great debate in the health world about the value or even the need to detox. Many professionals feel the the body naturally detoxes itself and that there is no need to alter our lifestyle or use drastic measures to cleanse our bodies. Some even think that detoxing can be dangerous.

Proponents of detoxing feel that many factors such as pollution, stress and contaminated food prevent the body from doing its job. It is no longer able to keep up with the amount of toxins entering the body and this slows down bodily functions such as the lymphatic system. They think that our bodies require a little help from us to get them back into shape.

So the questions remains: To detox or not to detox?

I can't really answer that. However, I will suggest that:
  1. You to do your homework: get online or go to the library and research the different detoxes out there. Find out what is involved and what other people think of the programs.
  2. Consult with your doctor and/or naturopath before you make any changes to your lifestyle or diet. Ask questions and find out the benefits or possible side effects of detoxing.
  3. Take all the information you have gathered from your research and health professionals and figure out the best next steps for you.
Whatever you decide, always remember that a balanced diet works for everyone :)

Stay healthy,

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