Friday, February 05, 2010

3 Crazy Fitness Gimmicks


You can't turn on the TV or surf the internet without seeing ads (many in the form of infomercials) for the latest and greatest products to help make exercising and losing weight "faster and easier with better results".

You will notice the quotes on that last part. While some of these products have certainly been proven to be effective, many of them are more laughable then result-driven.

In honour of these fantastic fads, I have put together a list of the top 3 in the last 20 years. There are certainly many others but these are the ones I consider to be the most difficult to swallow in term of research and effectiveness.

Let the countdown begin:

Craziest Gimmick # 3: 6 Second Abs
If you watched TV in the mid 1990's you are surely familiar with this contraption used to tone your abs. The commercials would imply that the participants (with very well-defined abs) were only spending 6 seconds a day with this product to achieve these results....that is a bit hard for anyone to believe.

Craziest Gimmick # 2: Sauna Belt
There were many incarnations of this product but essentially you place a heated belt around the part of your body that you wish to target and "sweat off the inches". Most people know that sweating is a result of water loss, not fat loss and that this products is not going to have any long lasting effects.

Craziest Gimmick #1: Rock-N-Go Exerciser
This exercises involves sitting on a product that looks like a riding saddle where you rock back and forth. That is it! No movement, no muscle activity, just sitting. I don't think this product is currently available and it perhaps not so surprising as to why.

Do you agree or disagree? What are some of your favourite fitness gimmicks?

Stay Healthy,

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  1. Very true!! I've long held the opinion that NOTHING you see on TV bears any resemblance to the workouts the fitness models actually used to get into that kind of shape...and while I'm at it, I suspect even I'd look pretty good in that kind of lighting. :)



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