Friday, February 19, 2010

Worry Much?


I am a worrywart through and through. I worry about everything from whether I got the best deal at the grocery store to to not being able to find the perfect pair of jeans.

Now, these things may seem pretty silly to you (even I realise how silly they sound as I an typing this) but I worry about them just the same.

For many of us, worrying is just a part of our daily routine.

The problem is that all this worrying is very time consuming and takes our minds away from some of the more important things in our lives like family and friends.

Here are a few tips I have learned to try and keep my worries in check:

Acceptance - Try and accept that there are some uncertainties in the world and you may not always be able to find solutions.

Schedule - Give yourself time everyday to consider some of the things you worry about and write them down.

Relax - If you are a chronic worrier there are many things you can do to help you relax your mind and body like yoga, meditation, deep breathing and massage.

Got any more tips? Post them here!

Stay Healthy,


  1. I totally agree....worrying is so time consuming.....suggest....drinking instead....then you won't remember to worry..LOL!!'s always good to be realistic and "true" to self....however don't be too hard on yourself. You're a good person, with good intentions and you worry because in part you want to do and be the very best. There are positives to this!

  2. I try to put things in perspective... when I realize I'm worrying to much about something, I compare it too a much more serious situation, perhaps something I know someone else is going through much more bravely than I am, lol. ie, whether the weather will work for my upcoming photo shoot, as opposed to a friend's failing health issues.
    It's all relative.



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