Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aging Gracefully?

I went to the International Anti-Aging Show yesterday to write a story for one of my class assignments. It seemed really interesting to me and I thought it would also tie in well to my blog.

Well, let me tell you that anti-aging is big business. From lasers and chemical peels to seaweed wraps and false eyelashes, people (read: women) will do just about anything to discover the fountain of youth.

What did surprise me as I was visiting the various exhibits was the lack of representation of the exercise world.

For me, fitness, anti-aging and living longer go hand in hand but as one of the other delegates pointed out to me, "People don't want to work for it, they want the fast fix."

I couldn't agree more.

Don't get me wrong, I wear makeup, use anti wrinkle cream and care about my appearance just like many of you out there. If someone wants to get botox or liposuction to feel more confident in themselves, I am all for it.

That being said, procedures and surgery should not be the only tools we use to live a longer, happier and more youthful life. Remembering the importantance of who we are on the inside, eating right and regular exercise need to fit in there somewhere.

What do you think? Post away!

Stay Healthy,

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  1. Tracey, I couldnt agree more. Anti-aging remedies have become so widely popular because of the fact that they offer such a quick, and effortless "fix." A lot of people prefer not to take the time to exercise - because in reality - it just takes too long to see results - and we are soooo inpatient (myself included). The way I see it - living a healthy lifestyle be eating properly and exercising regularly is the best fix to live a long life and remain "youthful"!!!



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