Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Just Dance


I often listen to music when I am doing chores around the house.

Today as I was doing my laundry, a classic dance song from the 90's came on and without really thinking, I started to dance.

Not only did it make the task of sorting and folding go much faster, it was FUN! It reminded my how much I liked to dance as a child and that I should try to do it more often.

Why am I telling you about my dance-capades?

We often get so caught up in the stresses of everyday life that we forget about the little things that bring us joy.

You certainly don't have to dance around your living room, just do something, anything that makes you happy as it did when you were young.

Whether it is going for a swing at the local park or doing a cannon ball into your backyard pool, your inner child will thank you and you just might make your outer adult smile.

Stay Healthy,

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