Sunday, August 30, 2009

Change Is Good


This summer has been filled will some stress and personal issues but I am back and I have some exciting news:

I am going to be a student again!!

That is right, I am going back to school in just over a week for Corporate Communications. I don't think I have ever been this excited for school. It is a total 180 coming from the world of fitness but I know in my heart that it is time for a change.

Don't get me wrong, I still love fitness and I have every intention of staying active in the field and continuing to write and blog about the importance of health and exercise. However, for many reasons, I just know that it is time for me to shift my career focus and move upward and onward.

This brings me to my topic to today: Making Changes

Most of the time we resist change. We are all creatures of habit and try our hardest to make sure that everything stays the same. Even when we know that things must change, we spend more time thinking and worrying about it than we do actually trying to change. It is much easier to keep doing what we are doing.

There is also the change that it out of our hands. The kind of change is thrust upon us. In my opinion, this is often the best kind as it forces us re-evaluate our lives and explore different options. This creates an opportunity to do things that we never even imagined.

Make a small, positive change in your life. You will be surprised what a big impact it can have.

Stay Healthy,

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