Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Plan

This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada and many of us may have over indulged (I know I did). Hey, it is really hard not too when you are surrounded by wonderful food, family and friends.

It is great to have treats in moderation, BUT many people find it difficult to get back into their healthy habits. It is very easy for a few days of decadence to turn into a week or more.

So, how do you stop that from happening?

#1 Lose the Guilt
#2 Outta Sight

#3 Move Your Body

The first step is to lose the guilt and savour every bite. If you find yourself feeling bad about the food you have eaten, this could negatively affect your attitude and leave you feeling unmotivated to jump back into your daily routine.

The second step is to get the food outta sight. Freeze what you don't need or give some to a friend. Having a refrigerator full of pie and other treats may make it too tempting to make a poor snacking choice. Go for some fruit or nuts instead!

The last step is to move your body again. After a weekend of heavy meals, you may be feeling a bit sluggish. Go for a walk, jump in the pool or grab your bike. You will start to feel better almost immediately.

Stay Healthy,

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