Monday, January 03, 2011

Online Fitness Programs

I often talk about my workouts and I thought I would take the time today to share with you my current exercise regime.  I will also offer some insight on a few other online fitness program options.

Right now, I am following the Truestar Health Advanced Training 13- Week Program at home.  They offer personalized vitamin, nutrition and exercise programs for all levels of fitness. (I am not affiliated with Truestar in any way, I just feel that their programs are a good fit for my exercise needs.)

Currently, I am in week 8 of the program and am really seeing a difference since I began.  I like how all of their programs are customized to suit your personal health goals.  They also describe each phase of the program so you understand how and why you are exercising in a particular way.

Here is the lowdown on some other online programs you may want to consider.  Remember to consult with you doctor before you start any fitness program.

This site offers free diet and exercise plans.  It also has recipes, detailed exercise descriptions and a forum to connect with others for motivation and support.  I really like this site, use it as an exercise resource and often recommend it to my clients.

Weight Watchers
For about $7 a week, you get access to exercise and meal ideas, are able to monitor your exercise habits and can download an iphone app to help you make healthy food choices when you are on the go.  I have not personally used weight watchers, but many of my clients and friend have had much success with this program.

Are you currently following an online fitness program?  Which programs have you tried?  What do you like/dislike about them?

Stay Healthy, 

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