Friday, January 21, 2011

Fitness is Free!

As many of you know, I do my workouts at-home.   I have said this many times before, but you don't need to join a gym, invest in fancy clothes or buy expensive equipment to get in your daily activity.

Exercise doesn't cost a thing.

Well, maybe a few hours of your time, some motivation and a little bit of sweat.

 Exhibit A:  This is an example of what I might wear for an outdoor run.  Layers of clothes I already own and 90-120 minutes of my time per week.  That's it.

Don't like running? (Neither did I, but I converted :).  How about a walk with your family after dinner?  Stair climbing? Skating? Skiing? You get the idea.

Exhibit B:  This is my workout room.  Now, I do have some purchased equipment, but you don't need it. You just need about 60-90 minutes a week.

See that chair?  Great for tricep dips. The floor?  Drop and do some crunches, push ups, lunges and squats.


Exhibit C: My iPod.  I am sure many of you have one and use it daily.

Why not download some free podcasts?  Yoga, pilates, stretching, you name it!  Great for working out and keeping you motivated.

What are your favourite free fitness tips?
Stay Healthy, 


  1. I love the tips! I workout A LOT at home!

  2. So glad! What kind of workouts do you do at home?

  3. I agree that you don't need a gym but since I started running I have spent twice as much on running shoes then any other shoes.Geez those suckers are pricey!!

  4. You are right about that, Samantha. Especially when you have to replace them so often. So maybe there is a small price to pay for staying fit :)

  5. I just found your website from Nancy's blog (Spiffy Kerms) I couldn't agree with you more about not needing a gym to get fit .. my workout room looks exactly like yours! I am interested in the new kettle bell craze and am wondering if you have any input for a good dvd i could do to incorporate it .. have you seen one?

  6. Glad you stopped by! I have used and trained with the kettlebells a few times. I can't think of a video off the top of my head, but that sounds like great homework for me for an upcoming post :)



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