Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Achieving Holistic Health

I am sorry for the lack of postage last week. I was without the internet (I know, the horror), but I am back now and ready rock :)

In the fitness world, we are always talking about different approaches to exercise, the best gear to get you through your workout and the benefits of a balanced diet.

Is this really enough to achieve overall health?
Now don't get me wrong, staying active and healthy eating are vital to our well-being, but there are other factors.

Oral health, for example. If we neglect our teeth, it can cause infections and other serious problems that could affect our body as a whole.

Another one that come to mind is skin care. Do you think about the kinds of products you use? Any chemicals that are in our makeup, shampoo or body lotion will get absorbed into our skin and impact our overall health.
What do you think? What else do we need to consider when looking at holistic wellness?

Stay Healthy,

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