Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday Favourites: Bloggers with Healthy Goals


I am still fighting of the cold that just won't quit and looking forward to get some much needed rest this weekend. (It will also give me time to finally finish my Inspiration Board :)

In honour of many resolutions this time of year to get healthy, I thought I would go back to the roots of Friday Favourites and talk about a few amazing bloggers who have inspired me with their stories about getting and staying fit!

 All The Weigh
Kenlie invites us to join her on her weight loss journey of losing 100 lbs and counting.  She is bursting with passion, kindness and honesty. In the link above, are some tips Kenlie shares about staying motivated.  Read her blog today, you will be happy that you did. :)

Hot Pink Apron
I had the pleasure of meeting Dana in the fall and I have to tell you, this is one great lady!  She blogs about food and fitness with such warmth and love.  In this post, Dana shares some tried and true tips that helped her get healthy and shed over 60 lbs.  You go, girl!

Best Body Fitness
We all know Tina from Faith, Fitness and Fun, but she has branched off to share her knowledge as a personal trainer.  What I truly love about Tina is that she is always genuine and not afraid to put herself out there.  This post is a great example, where she talk about her own healthy transformation. 

Who are some bloggers that have inspired you by achieving their healthy goals?

Stay Healthy,

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