Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favourites: Running Essentials

I went out for my first run this week in what seems like months.  It felt awesome.  I fall in and out of love with running and an extended break is just what I needed to get the passion back.

As I was putting on my many layers of clothes and getting ready to head out, I realized that there are a few other things that I need to have with me to make my run a great one.

So, today I share with some of my favourite outdoor running essentials.

Travel Pouch
I have the one above in purple and I love it!  There is just enough room to hold my keys, money and music.  It is adjustable to fit snug to the body so there is no bounce when you move.

I know many runners prefer not to wear any pouches or armbands as they find them uncomfortable, but I often run errands at the end of my route and like to have everything I need with me (including a reusuable shopping back which will also fit in this puppy. :)

Just a sample of one of my running playlists

I need music to motivate me.  I have tried to run without it and it just doesn't work.  Everytime I go out, I create a different playlist to suit my mood and the style of my run/walk that day. For example, if I am doing and interval run, I would mix faster music with moderate music so I could use the tempo to dictate my speed.

These ones are on my wishlist :)

Do they help improve my time?  Probably not, but I can't leave home without them.  I run during the day and I can't stand squinting from the glare of the sun or reflection off the snow.  I want my eyes to be relaxed and able to focus on the road ahead of me. 

What essentials do you need when you go running?

Stay Healthy,

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