Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Move of the Month: The Roll Up

I hope you had a great weekend and had a chance to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.
I tried out a new yoga class on Sunday (review later this week) and it was glorious.

I had every intention of getting this post up yesterday, but I wasn't feeling so hot so I took the day off. I am feeling much better today and very excited to share. :)

The Move of the Month for April is the pilates' Roll Up.

This exercise helps you to work on spinal articulation and it strengthens your abdominals.  The Roll Up is suitable for all levels, but check out the modifications below to increase or decrease the exercise difficulty.

As always, check with your doc before you begin any exercise program.



The Roll Up
  1. Begin lying on your back with your legs extended, feet flexed and arms stretched out over your head.
  2. Tuck your chin into your chest, relax your shoulders, pull your belly button into your spine and contract your abdominals 
  3. Take a deep breath in, exhale as you slowly peel your spine off the mat, reaching your arms forward (as pictured, #1).
  4. Continue to exhale as you bring your arms parallel to the floor and reach them over your toes.  Keep your chin tucked into your chest and make a "C" shape with your spine (as pictured, #2). Feel the stretch in your back and hamstrings.
  5. To roll down, inhale and squeeze your gluts.  Tuck your tail bone under as your engage you core and with control, roll back down to the floor.


If you are having trouble rolling up, try the following:
  • Place your feel flat on to the floor and gently hold under the knees for support.
  • Use a resistance band placed around the feel and hold on for assistance.
  • Just practice rolling down until you increase your abdominal strength.

To make the exercise more challenging, try performing a Neck Pull

Have you ever done a Roll Up?  Do you find it challenging?

Stay Healthy,

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