Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Favourites: Yoga/Pilates Accessories

I am gearing up for a busy and fun filled weekend, how about you?

I have been wanting to use my Passport to Prana again to try out another hot yoga class, but there has been one thing stopping me.  My mats.

I say "mats" because I actually have 3 yoga mats and they have all proven to be terrible for hot yoga.  I slip and slide everywhere, making my practice less than enjoyable.

Here is what I got to solve the problem.

Agile Fitness Eco Yoga Mat 
I heart this mat.  It is truly non-slip (exactly what I need for my hot and sweaty downward dog), water resistant and 100% biodegradable.  For the price ($23 CDN, on sale at Winners), I think it was absolutely worth it.

Calmia Yoga Towel
I haven't actually tried this baby out yet, but when I picked up the mat I thought it might be a good idea to get a towel too.  For $17 (at Winners), it seemed like a I couldn't go wrong with  a super long and grippy towel.

(Note:  It looks like this towel is not longer available on, but I did find a few on eBay and have included the link above.)

I have also wanted to get back to my regular pilates practice, using this:

Stott Pilates Flex-Band
I picked this one up about 2 years ago (also at Winners, $8) and I have never looked back.  The length of the band is perfect and it really helps me with my control and form when performing many of the movements. 

What accessories do you love for your yoga and/or pilates practice?

Stay Healthy,

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