Friday, December 02, 2011

Friday Favourites: Health and Fitness Magazines

It is Friday and I have two glorious days off! (I do have a few things I need to get done, but you bet your biscuits I am going to get some R&R in there somewhere :)

You may recall that I am a self-proclaimed magazine junkie. I love them.  I subscribe to about four different ones (which is an unusually small number for me) and pick up about 2-3 more every week.  I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of sorts and over the years I have learned exactly what I am looking for in a good magazine.

  • You don't have to leaf through 50 pages of ads to get to the first article
  • The articles are practical and easy to apply to real life
  • All fitness and health advice is backed up/given by an expert in the field

Here are three of my favourite magazines for the reasons listed above (and many others).


FIRST for Women
This magazine and I go way back. It offers a mixture of beauty, style, health and food - all of my favourite things.  I especially love the quick, easy-to-follow advice and the scrumptious recipes included in every issue.  Each issue also features tried and true tips from readers about everything from how to remove a stubborn stain to the best ways to keep salads fresh.


SELF Magazine
SELF is a great resource for health and fitness.  Period.  I love that they have an team of health experts behind every issue.  I love that they have tear-out exercise cards that you can take to the gym.  I love that they have a fantastic and informative website (wait, that is for another post;).  I have been a long subscriber to SELF and it never disappoints.


I just recently subscribed to this popular Canadian magazine and am uber impressed.  It features fashion tips, health news, fitness advice and recipes galore.  It is also exciting for me to read about the places and faces in my own country, like gyms I could potentially visit and people I could meet.  I like the magazine so much, I think I might give a few subscriptions as Christmas gifts. :)

What are your favourite health/fitness magazines and why?

Stay Healthy,

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