Monday, December 05, 2011

Resolutions Reflected

It's that time again!

As you may recall, I have changed my approach towards goal setting.  For me, having a visual reminder of what I would like to strive for works the best.  I took some time yesterday to reflect on both of my inspiration boards.

I am actually pretty pleased to report that I have accomplished almost all of the items on my board.  The interesting part is, I completed many of the goals without even consciously trying.

Let me explain.

I try to look at my inspiration board a few times a month, but I don't have a list where I "check off" my goals (dreams, tasks, ideas etc) as I complete them.  Often, I do do what feels right for me that day/week.  I trust my gut.  I am finding that when I trust these instincts, they are naturally in line with some of the visions I had for myself.

For example, the other day I wrote the post about balance and I realized that I needed to follow my own good advice. I have been neglecting yoga my practice and I pledged to get to a hot yoga class this week.  (You will notice the words "hot yoga" on the top left corner of inspiration board #1).  I didn't look at my board and specifically set out to do hot yoga this week to "check off" a goal, it just happened naturally.

However, following my gut doesn't always work so taking the time to sit down and review my visions yesterday was a great reminder of where I have been and where I would like to go.  (A great time to start thinking about an inspiration board for 2012!)

Have you reflected on your resolutions?  Do you plan you goals in detail or go with the flow?

Stay Healthy,

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