Thursday, December 01, 2011

15 Minute Workout: No Equipment Required

Happy December!

It is a busy month ahead and I hope you are managing to find balance and taking the time to take care of "you".

Speaking of which, I have a great workout for you today that I think will fit the bill.  It is quick (only 15 minutes), fun and doesn't require any special equipment.  You will get your heart rate up and work all of your muscle groups at the same time.  You will love it!

Make sure you check with your doc before you start any exercise program.

No Equipment Required.
Perform each exercise for2 minutes and rest 60-90 seconds between each exercise (or longer, if needed). 

Equipment Needed None!

Recommended Music
Anything high octane that keeps your energy up!

Warm Up
2 minutes (Walk, knee lifts, even on a stationary piece of cardio equipment)

Walking Lunges
Push Ups           
Mountain Climbers
Plank/Side Plank - (Actively move from plank to side plank right, then plank to side plank left)

3 minutes (or longer, if you have time.  Choose from some of these great stretches).

What is your favourite quickie, no equipment workout?

Stay Healthy,

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