Thursday, February 09, 2012

30 Minute Workout: Station Circuit

Did you ever have Play Day as a child in school?

It was a day when the entire school would be divided into teams and move from station to station participating in outdoor activities.  Many of them were sporty in nature like relays, soccer ball pass and the 3-legged race.

I remember how much fun these days were.  We got to enjoy the sunshine and have fun with our friends.  We were being active and healthy without even knowing it.

This circuit reminds me of that.  The stations aren't the same, but the entire workout has the same feel to it. It can be done indoors or outdoors, with a partner or group.  

It is very similar to the Circuit Work-It , but you do not need a partner to do the exercises. You just get the added support of working out with a team and have fun while doing it.

 Remember to check with your doc before you start any fitness program.

The circuit consists of 5 stations.  Spend 3 minutes at each station, with a 1 minute rest/transition time between each station.  Remember to try and work as intensely as you can, but feel free to modify exercises and break as needed during each circuit (15 seconds for each minute works well).

Equipment Needed
3, 5 8 lbs Hand Weights
Resistance Bands 

Warm Up
5 minutes (March, light jog, knees up, squats, arm circles etc)

Station # 1 – Push Ups/Rows
Begin in a push up position holding hand weights in each hand.  Lower down into your push up and press back up. Row the weight with the right hand.  Perform another push and then, row the weight in your left hand.  If you need to modify, perform the exercises from your knees.

Station # 2 – Step Squats
Place one foot on the step and one foot on the floor to begin.  Bend into a deep squat and hop over the step into another deep squat, keeping the opposite foot on the step.  To modify, start with both feet on the step and squat off with your right foot.  Return to both feet on the step and repeat with the left side.

Station #1 – Biceps/Triceps Bands
Stand on the resistance band with both feet.  Bend your arms at a 90 degree angle and maintain throughout the exercise. Push your right bent arm across your chest toward your left shoulder.  Then, pull back your bent arm to bring your elbow parallel to your right shoulder.  Complete 10 repetitions and then repeat with the left arm.

Station # 4 – Bench Jumps
Stand on the right side of the bench, holding on the centre of the bench with the hands.   Lean your weight into the bench and hop over and back.  Repeat. If you don't have a bench, you could use a step. To make it a bit easier, hop over with one foot instead of two.

Station # 5 – Weighted Roll Up/Training Camps

Begin lying down with your feet flat on the floor holding a hand weight or medicine ball.  Roll your body up to a seated position.  Leaning back slightly, drop your right elbow to the ground and then move to your left.  Repeat 10 times and slowly lower back down to the floor.

Have you done a sport-circuit style class?  What did you think of it?

Stay Healthy,

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