Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday Favourites: Music for Walking/Running

I am a big fan of music and fitness.

Music moves me, relaxes me and motivates me.  In fact, I find it really challenging to exercise without music. Especially running.

I know not everyone feels that way.  You may find music distracting or perhaps you just want enjoy those few minutes of quiet time and reflection as it is might be all you get for the day (especially if you have kids. :)

For those of you who need to press "play" before you hit the streets (or the treadmill), here are some of the tunes I have been listening to lately.

For Walking

This 45 minute playlist is a moderate tempo (approx. 125-130 BPM), but it is still enough to get the heart pumping.  I like to listen to a mix of music from different decades, usually in the dance/pop category.

For Running

This mix is also about 45 minutes, but just a little bit quicker (approx. 135-140 BPM).  I am not a super fast runner, so this is perfect for me.

For Both (Pre-Mixed)
If you are having a hard time putting together the perfect playlist, here are a few pre-made albums that I have stumbled across on iTunes.

Best of Shape - Walking Workout

Walk Powermix

Running 100 All Hits!  Best Hits Remixed

Running All Hits (147-155 BPM)

Do you listen to music when you run/walk?  If so, what kind?
Stay Healthy,

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