Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting Back into Fitness After Baby

You love your new baby.  She lights up your world.

You feel excited, happy, overwhelmed and scared all at the same time.

You having a hard enough time trying to remember to eat and catch a few hours of sleep, let alone commit to a full blown exercise program.  Talk about scary.

Even with the best intentions, most Mommies just don't have the energy (and perhaps the motivation) to workout.  Taking care of baby is priority #1 (and it should be), so they let their own needs, like health and fitness, take a backseat.

Here are a couple tips to get you back on the fit wagon (after your doctor's okay, of course) and taking the first steps to getting your pre-baby body back!


Be patient.  Getting back into your regular workout schedule takes time, especially if you had a high-risk pregnancy or any complications during delivery.  Start off by:
  • Gradually increasing your daily activity
  • Scheduling "me time" throughout the week to meditate, exercise etc.
  • Keeping an exercise journal (if you find it helpful)
Bring baby along for the workout.  There are a ton of baby-centred fitness classes offered everywhere, which range from Mom and Tot swimming to Baby Zumba.  Check out your local community centre or fitness club to find one that you would enjoy.  Many places even let you do the first class for free to see if it is a good fit, take full advantage!

Join forces with fellow Mommies.  There many be times you want to exercise sans your little bundle of joy.  Enlist some of your pals or find a Mommy networking group (Mommy Connections is a great place to start). You can work together to arrange daycare and have the added support and motivation of working out with a group.

Ask for and accept help.  New Moms are often reluctant to do this.  If you would like your partner to look after the baby on a Saturday afternoon so you can go for a run, ask him.  If a friend offers to come and look after the little one on a Monday night so you can catch your favourite yoga class, accept it.  You can't be Superwomen all the time. :)

Did you have a hard time getting back into your workouts after baby?

Stay Healthy,

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