Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Indulge Guilt-Free

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

I know I did.  I got surprised with a dozen pink roses. Not too shabby.

I also made a dozen of these.

I followed Jessica's recipe, except I omitted the sprinkles and added a little red food colouring to the frosting.  I happily ate 2 of them yesterday.

Sure I like to make healthy dessert options, but you know I like to indulge my truly sweet tooth every once in a while and there isn't anything wrong with that.

I have posted quite a bit on how to find balance and moderation.  Today is dedicated to indulgences.  These can relate to food, a day at the spa or anything else you may consider pampering or extravagant.

Here is how to truly indulge, guilt-free.

Plan.  Schedule them into your week.  Pick and day (or days) to have a decadent meal or spend the day at the spa.  You know you spend 80% of your life dedicated to good health so enjoy your 20%! :)

Share.  Good food and drink can be best enjoyed in the company of others.  A pamper day with your girlfriends could be just what the doctor ordered. Use this time to spend with friends family.

Savour.  Enjoy every delicious bite of that chocolate lava cake.  Love every moment of that mani/pedi.  You work hard, your body and mind deserve some love.

What are some of your favourite indulgences?

Stay Healthy,

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