Thursday, November 10, 2011

4 Ways to Fight Fatigue

It happens to all of us.

Maybe you hit the mid-afternoon slump (like my new kitty friend, Pekoe).  Maybe you just aren't getting quality sleep.  Maybe your diet has been less than stellar lately (can we say "left over Halloween candy").

Whatever the reason, being drained off all your energy is absolutely no fun.  You feel grumpy, unproductive and well, tired.

The good news is that are some really simple things you can do right now to help battle fatigue and get your mind and body back in fighting form.

Fuel Up
We all know that what we put into our bodies is directly related to how we feel, so give your body the right kind of fuel.
  • Avoid simple carbohydrates (like sugar) and go for complex ones (like whole grains).
  • Load up on colourful fruits and veggies like broccoli, sweet potatoes and blueberries.  These superstars and full of nutrients to help you bring back your zest for life.
  • Lean proteins can help balance blood sugar so you can avoid dips in your energy levels.
  • Choose iron-rich foods (dark, leafy greens, eggs, nuts).  Iron helps produce hemoglobin in red blood cells.  Hemoglobin transports oxygen to the cells in the body.  More O2 = more energy!

Sleep Tight
And sleep right.  The quality of sleep is just as important and the quantity.  Check out this post for some great tips to help you catch your zzzz's.

Move Your Body
This tips should be no surprise.  Regular exercise increases your energy levels and improves your mood.   Aim to do something active for 30 minutes everyday.  Remember that rest is just as important as exercise to avoid over training, which will actually make you more tired.

Check for Other Issues
Being tired all day, every day is not a good thing.  You may want to check and see if you have any underlying medical conditions that may be responsible for your condition such as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome or thyroid issues. 

What are your favourite ways to fight fatigue?

Stay Healthy,

P.S. My weekly workout has just been updated (I am rolling with the punches this week :). ------->

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