Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The 45 Minute Workout: Circuit Work It!

Today's workout is inspired by a fitness instructor training I attended over the the weekend.  We got to participate in a sampler class, which featured different style of exercise including Zumba, kickboxing, pilates and circuit training.

It was great learning about each class, but I really loved the circuit.  We moved around to different exercise stations, each one a little more challenging than the last.

It has been quite a few years since I have taught a class like this and thought it was be fun to create a circuit to share.

This circuit works best with a small group (4-6 people) and does require a little bit of space to move around.  If you workout at home, I would suggest taking it outside (weather permitting).  If you work out at a gym, grab a few friends and take advantage of their equipment and studio space.

I'm ready for the circuit, can you tell?

Circuit Work It!
The circuit consists of 5 stations.  Pair up and each group will start at a different station.  Participants spend 5 minutes at each station, with a 1 minute rest/transition time between each station.  Remember to try and work as intensely as you can, but feel free to modify exercises and break as needed during each circuit.

Equipment Needed:
Note:  The station can also be done with minimal equipment, I will give those options too.
Resistance Bands
Light hand weights, 3-8 lbs
Skipping Ropes
Fitness Mat
Stability Ball

Recommended Music
Top 40 Hits Remixed, Vol. 11

Warm Up
5 minutes (Walk, knee lifts, kick backs, fitness class-style works well here)

Station #1 - Partner Push Ups
Get in a push up position (on your knees or toes) facing your partner.  Together, lower into a push up and when you get to the top, shake hands.  If you are feeling adventurous, hold hands and try to lower into a push up together.

Station # 2 - Follow the Leader
Set up two skipping ropes (or bands) so they are long and parallel to each other.  Start at one end and do various movement over, on and through the ropes (i.e. jumping, running, hopping, side skipping etc), then run back to the beginning of the ropes and start again.  Take turns being the leader.  If you don't have bands or ropes, just chose a starting and end point to follow the leader.

Station # 3 - Steps Ups

Step up and off the bench 3 times and then do 2 jumping jacks.   If you don't have a step, you could use stairs or simply step forward on the floor.

Station # 4 -  Deep Squats/Rows
Using 2 resistance bands, partners will hold a handle in each hand.  Step away to stretch and bands and face each other.  At the same time, the partners will go into a squat as they row with the arms, squeezing their shoulder blades together.  To make it more challenging, hold the deep squat while performing the rows.  If you don't have bands, you could perform the squats standing back to back with your partner,  then you could reach down to hand weights and do bent over rows.

Station # 5 - Abdominal Ball Pass
Partners beginning lying down, knees bent and feet pressed together.  One partner holds the stability ball over their head.  Both people roll up to a seated position and the ball get passed to the other person.  Both partners roll back to the mat and repeat.  If you don't have a stability ball, you could pass any object (soccer ball, even a hand weight).

5 minutes (Walk, shoulder rolls, march, toe taps) to ensure the heart rate is down before stretching

Do the yoga stretch from this post.

I hope you enjoy the workout and let me know if you have any questions!

I need your feedback! 

I am thinking about doing someYou Tube videos as I think they would be fun and helpful for many of these workout.  Which kinds of workouts would you like to see?  Would you like to see other topics covered in the videos?

Stay Healthy,

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