Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Favourites: Fitness Apps

I love my iPod Touch.

One day I will graduate to an iPhone, but for now, the Touch does the trick.

I love to listen to music during my workouts and loading on some fantastic fitness tunes for my clients and classes.  I have also discovered some pretty cool apps to help you reach your fitness goals.  Here are three of my faves and I hope you find them helpful too.

Self Workouts
I am really loving this workout app from Self Magazine.  You can choose from a variety of workouts including full body, cardio and stretching.   Detailed pictures and descriptions help take you through the routines for a quick and challenging workout.  For $2.99, this app is a steal! ;)

Diet and Food Tracker by Spark People
I have mentioned the Spark People website before as a great place to go to help you with all of your fitness and food goals. Well, the app is just as helpful and excellent when you are on the go.  Bonus:  It is free and super easy to use.

Interval Timer for Fitness and Workout
I was uber thrilled to find this free interval timer.  Just what I need for myself and my clients.  No more looking at the clock, you can set the timer to go off at different intervals so you know when it is time to change exercises.  I will be using this today for my tabata workout!

Do you have any great fitness apps that you use regularly?  I would love to hear about your favourites!

Have a great weekend,

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