Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Resolutions Re-Evaluated: Letting Go

Happy November!  'Tis the time to reflect on your goals (dreams, visions,  etc.).

I read a very interesting article yesterday about knowing when it is time to let go of a dream.  It wasn't suggesting that you give up on your dreams, but rather when to trade in one vision for another.

I was intrigued.


Often when we don't reach our goals or rise to a challenge, we consider ourselves a failure.  However, the article suggests that it is not about failure, it is about understanding that sometimes our circumstances change and/or we need  to accept that some things are simply not within our reach.

For example, I love to sing.  When  I was young, I longed to be a famous (like many of you, I am sure).  I would write songs and jam with my friends.  I wanted my voice to sound like Mariah Carey and although my singing has improved over the years, I realized very quickly that I would never be able to belt out a tune quite like she can.

Was I disappointed?  You bet.

However, the experience allowed me to discover another passion:  Writing.  Without even knowing it, I exchanged on dream for another.

So when do you know when it is time let go of a goal?

I don't think there is a hard and fast rule here.  I think it is a matter of revisiting your goals on a regular basis to see if they are truly attainable.

Have you had something on your to-do list for years and years?  Why is it still on there?  Perhaps it is a long term goal that hasn't had a chance to fit into your life or it could be a dream that you have tried and tried to accomplish, but never seem to succeed.

Only you can decide when it is time to let something go.  The things to remember is not to look at it as a failure, but a chance to grow, to evolve. 

Do you think that there comes a time when we should let go of our dreams?  Why or why not?

Stay Healthy,

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