Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Going Vegan, Day 2: Healthy Peanut Butter Balls Makeover

Well friends, Day 1 was successful and challenging.

I don't think I have ever spent so much time at the grocery store scrutinizing labels.

I have always considered myself pretty food savvy, but you really need to do your research when you are shopping vegan.  There are so many animal products used in food under names you may not recognize (such as gelatin) or in the processing of a product (white sugar is often filtered through bone charcoal).

I have to admit that I am learning a lot and over the weekend in order to prepare for the week, I decided to make some balls, vegan style.

I used this recipe as my inspiration and made a few minor adjustments to up the fibre. These were such as hit in my house that I made a third batch last night. :)

They are tasty, super easy to make and great to have on hand for a quick snack.

Crispy Peanut Butter Balls (Makes 30)

1/2 cup natural peanut butter
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup oat flour
1/4 cup wheat bran
1/2 cup rice cereal
1/4 cup ground flax
1/4 cup unsweetened coconut
1/4 cup vegan chocolate chips

Line a large cookie sheet with wax paper.

Mix peanut butter, maple syrup and vanilla in a microwave safe bowl.  Heat for 45-60 seconds.  At the same time, combine oat flour, wheat bran, cereal, flax, coconut and chocolate chips.

Remove peanut butter mixture and stir.  If it has not liquefied, heat for another 10-20 seconds.

Pour into dry ingredients and mix with a fork until incorporated.  Take about a heaping tablespoon of the mixture and squeeze in your hand to form into a ball.

Place balls on the cookie sheet and freeze for 15-20 minutes.  Store in the fridge.

Nutritional Information (Approx.)
59 calories
3.5 g fat
5.6 g carbs
2 g protein
1 g fibre

Have you gone vegan for the week?  
Have you ever tried any vegan dessert recipes?

Stay Healthy,

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