Saturday, February 05, 2011

Confessions of a Runner

I always say "runner" with hesitation, as I don't really consider myself a runner.  I think it is because we often define a "runner" as someone who is hardcore - they go for 20k runs, compete in every event and train constantly.

Am I right?

However, a runner is simply defined as "a person, animal or thing that runs".  I run, so I am a runner, I should embrace the title and from now on I will. :)

Many of you may recall my hate/love relationship with running.  I am presently in love with running, but I have some confessions to make.

  • I am not very fast.  To be honest, I am not sure what my speed is, but I have seen the times of other runners and I am most decidely slow :)
  • I still can't run 5k without having to walk part of the way so most of time I run in intervals (which is actually a great way to train :).  
  • I haven't invested in some good running gear (not always necessary as I wrote about here, but can be important when you are dealing with cold weather.)
  • None of that matters.  

Me after a run :)


Because I enjoy doing it.  Three times a week, I can't wait to get outside, feel the wind on my face and the quiet time with my thoughts.

I don't need to run a marathon, try and beat a record time or compete.  I run for me.  For my health and well-being.  Not for anyone else.

The lesson:  Chose and activity that makes you smile and do it for you.  I promise that if you love what you do, you will always be motivated to do it. 

What is your favourite activity?  Why?

Stay Healthy,

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