Tuesday, August 02, 2011

#Fitblog Abs Challenge: Favourites

It's Tuesday and we are in the final week of...

There was no need to to flexible with my workouts last weeks as I did everything according to schedule. I have to say that it felt great!  Here is how this week is shaping up:

Monday:  Turbo Fire Tone 30
Tuesday: Turbo Fire HIIT 20 and Yoga
Wednesday: Aqua Fitness and Core Work
Thursday: Run/Walk and Full Body Conditioning
Friday: Turbo Fire Fire 30 and Core Work
Saturday: Aqua Fitness and Stretch
Sunday: Walk/Run

Last week I hit 550 reps and am pretty darn proud of it!  Today I wanted to share with you some of my fave ways to work the core.

Yoga is fantastic for the core as many of the postures force you to engage these muscles to keep you stabilized.  Some of my favourites are the bridge and the shoulder stand.

You know I love pilates (although I didn't always feel that way).  It is all about using your core muscles to create movement in the body.  I am really loving Ana Caban's Easy Pilates.  It is only 15 minutes and you get a great workout.

Resistance Bands
Using bands helps to intensify your everyday ab exercises.  Turbo Fire Core 20 does a great job of doing just that and but there are some fantastic examples in this article from Fitness Magazine.

What is your absolutely favourite exercise to work out the core?

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