Monday, August 01, 2011

Resolutions Recreated

It is the tail end of a long weekend in Ontario and I am hoping that the sun comes back out so we can go for a picnic this afternoon :)

And being the first of a brand new month, it is time to look at...

Over the last few months, I have decided to take a new approach to goals and resolutions.  I put the question out there as to whether or not we are becoming obsessed with goal setting to the point that the entire process is becoming more stressful than helpful.

The solution?  For me, I have been attacking my goals and tasks week-by-week.  I have even invested in an physical day planner, so I can write down all my ideas and projects.

I have also decided to update my inspiration board.  Much has changed over the last six months and I think my vision should reflect that.  I am going to create an entirely new board and then compare to the original one to see how my priorities have changed (or stayed the same).

If you have a inspiration board, I invite you to do the same thing and then blog about it.

Many of you may not have a inspiration board or even find one useful.  When it comes to getting things accomplished, you need to find a system that works for you.  Maybe you like to set goals a year in advance using your computer or perhaps you make daily lists with a pen and paper.
No matter which route you take, here are a few things to think about when updating your goals.

  • How much have the priorities in your life changed? Why?
  • Have they stayed the same? Why?
  • Where do your interests lie right now?
  • Which interests/priorities are the most important? Why?
  • What is your plan of attack?

Tell me what you are going to do.  Update your inspiration board?  Make a list? Do nothing at all?
Stay Healthy,

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