Thursday, August 18, 2011

Giving Back, Fitness Style

As I mentioned on Twitter, I am volunteering at and attending the CanFitPro Fitness Conference this weekend.

Me and my fabulous friend, Kim

Yesterday, we were room monitors for a workshop done by Fitness Kickboxing Canada.  I peaked in to see the participants in action and there was a whole lot of jabbing, kicking and sweating going on.

The feedback was all positive, too (perhaps I'll need to take this workshop in the future).

While we were waiting for the workshop to finish, we tried to coordinate the sessions we are going to attend this weekend.  On the list:  yoga, pilates, spinning, interval training...and much more!

This is my fifth year volunteering at the conference and I am still going strong.  Donating your time and talent is good for the soul.  It is one of my resolutions and I need to commit to do it more often.

As a bonus, I get to attend any workshops that are not during my shift for free.

Not such a bad deal, I think.

Do you volunteer or have you ever donated your time and talent?  If so, when and where?

Stay Healthy,

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