Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#Fitblog Abs Challenge: No Crunches Required

Are you ready, friends?

This is the second week in the challenge for me and here is what my workout is looking like this week (it may not all go according to plan, but you have to be flexible with your exercise routine, right?)

Monday:  Spinning and Aqua Fitness
Tuesday: Total Body Strength Training and Yoga
Wednesday: Walk/Run and Stretch
Thursday: Total Body Strength Training and Yoga
Friday: Aqua Fitness and Core Work
Saturday: Walk/Run and Stretch
Sunday: Rest

I did pretty well with the challenge last week and have been trying to mix up my core work by doing exercises sans crunches.

Lets face it.  Doing 100 crunches can get kind of boring and there are so many different ways to work your core without laying on the floor.

Check out some of these great moves from a piece I wrote last year for Beyond Fitness Magazine and you will notice there isn't a single crunch in sight.

Click for a larger image

You can also visit Beyond Fitness Magazine and turn to Page 20 for the full article.

Have you tried any of these moves? What are your favourite crunch-free core exercises?

Stay Healthy,

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