Friday, July 15, 2011

My 3 Favourite Running Blogs

I have finally admitted that I am a runner.  However, I have found myself looking to other activities lately to add some variety to my workouts, like Turbo Fire and Aqua Fitness.

I still like to run, just not as often as I used too.  I go through phases when it come to exercise and I am sure the time will come when I will be running more often.

That being said, I still like to read blogs about running, training and races.  Here are a few of my faves for your reading pleasure.

 My Feet in Motion
Sam is a fantastic girl.  She shares stories about her workouts, eats and gear with humour and fun.  I really enjoy the Q & A section at the end of each entry. (I always ask the question, but never answer.  I may have to change that :)  Thanks Sam for always making my day!

 Run To The Finish
Amanda has a true passion for running that shines through with every post.  She also has some of the best giveaways that I have ever seen.  What I like best about it, is her gratitude journal. At the end of every post, she shares what she is thankful for.  I am thankful to be able to read your blog, Amanda :)

The Hungry Runner Girl
What can I say about Janae?  I love this girl. Her posts are fun, personal and always filled with some great information on everything from running to her favourite foods.  This blog is always a joy to read.  Janae, you make me smile. 

Which running blog is your favourite?

Stay Healthy,

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