Friday, July 01, 2011

The Toronto Ribfest on Canada Day Weekend

Happy Canada Day!

In honour of the holiday, I thought a fun, celebratory post was in order.

Yesterday, it was a beautiful day so I decided to kick it off the long weekend at the Toronto Ribfest.

It is so close by, I can't believe I have never been there before.

There were vendors, rides and music. I listened to a great band called Neverest.

But it is really all about the ribs and they mean business.

As I was trying to decide which fare I wanted to sample, the band mentioned that they went to this place.

So that is what I did and got myself a pulled pork sammie.

And a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade.

The pulled pork was amazing.  Very sweet with just the right amount of zing.  The lemonade was a bit sweet for my liking, but I downed it just the same :)

They had some pretty interesting treats too!

Mama Pea would be proud.

All in all, a great afternoon! Deep fried butter, anyone?

Are you going to any festivals this weekend?

Stay Healthy,

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