Thursday, June 30, 2011

Exercise Review: Turbo Fire Upper 20 & Lower 20

I have to tell you that I have been loving these Turbo Fire workouts! It is wonderful to be mixing up my regular routine.

I think what I am enjoying the most is the variety.  If I am short on time, I can do HIIT 25.  If I have more time, I can combine workouts or go for Fire 45.

Today, I am going to give you a double whammy:  a review of 2 sculpting workouts. Lets get it started!

This is a quick, but intense, upper body workout.  All you need is an exercise band, great running shoes and a ton of energy.

What I liked about it:
  • Easy to follow instruction
  • Lots of modifications given for all exercise levels
  • Music is fun and motivating
  • Minimal equipment needed

What I didn't like about it:
  • Very heavy on the shoulders and biceps
  • Needs a longer stretch time

Overall, I really liked this workout.  I especially like that it only took 20 minutes!  I am all about getting the most done in the shortest time possible and Chalene is all over that.

Next up...

I actually did both of these workouts on the same day and boy, did my body ever feel the burn.

What I liked about it:
  • Fast and intense
  • Music was motivating
  • Lots of modifications given

What I didn't like about it:
  • Heavy on the gluts and abductors
  • Needs a longer stretch time

Overall a great workout, but you may be seeing a running theme here. 

While I really love the intensity, length and Chalene's energy, I would really like to see more variety in the exercises.  I understand that she may be focusing on specific target areas, but I prefer a more rounded workout.

For example, in Upper 20 she could include some chest presses with the band.  In Lower 20, she could throw in some lunge variations.

I know that she has 2 other workouts devoted to stretching, but a few extra minutes incorporated into each routine would be fantastic.

Have you tried these workouts?  Do you love them just the way they are?  If not, what would you change?

Stay Healthy,

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