Thursday, June 09, 2011

Going Gluten Free

I got a wonderful surprise this morning.

I won this cooler from the lovely Alissa @ A Journey to Thin. It is a great size to use as a lunch bag and it is so darn cute.  I don't think we have the Yoplait Greek Yogurt in Canada yet, but I am looking forward to trying it when we do (when I reintroduce dairy, of course :)

Before I get on to the main event, I just have to show you what I have been drinking this week.

Tea!  We have never really got along, as much as I have tried over the years.  Now with the detox, coffee is off limits and I can remember having chai tea a few years back and not hating it.

Well, I actually like it.  With a little vanilla soy milk, it really satisfies my need for something hot in the morning.  Could I actually be a tea convert?  Time will tell. :)

Many of you know I have gone gluten-free for the detox to help me with some of my health issues and I thought I would share with you some of the things I have learned for those of you thinking about giving it a go for your digestive health.

Always talk to your Doc before you make any changes to your diet.

There are lots of fantastic products out there. And they taste great!  I picked all of these up at my local grocery store and got most of the products on sale so it didn't cost me any more than my gluten filled goods.  I have also had a fun time experimenting with new flavours and recipes.

You CAN eat out.   Many restaurants have a gluten-free menu or are able to modify your order to meet your needs.  I dined at La Veranda last weekend and got a fantastic lemon chicken and vegetable dish that was delish!  (It was a tad pricey, but the meeting with a few good friends made it all worth it :)

Ease into it.   In my experience in making dietary changes, slower is better.  I gradually reduced my wheat and gluten intake over a few weeks to allow my body to adjust.  I find that if I make any drastic changes (like I did when I went vegan) my body comes back at me with a vengeance.

Did you go gluten-free?  How did you make the changes in your diet and why?

Stay Healthy,

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