Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is it Time to Change Your Exercise Routine?

Yesterday, I ran outside.

I had realized when I woke up that I never made it out for a run last week.  The truth is, I didn't even miss it.  I did a spinning class, went swimming, tried a few new Turbo Fire workouts.
(Post coming tomorrow :)

Why didn't I miss it?  I thought I loved running?

Well, I do like running, but instead of itching to run everyday, I have found myself wanting to try something different, something new.

Sometimes the body (and mind) just needs a bit a variety.  I have spent the better part of the last year walking/running as a form of cardio and I think I need to be challenged in different ways.

When you do the same kind of exercise all the time, it is easy to get comfortable as your body adapts to the workout.

Maybe you are simply bored with your workout regime.  You stop pushing yourself as you no longer feel excited about the activity. You are just working out because you "have" to.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Thought so. Well, here's what you can do about it!

  1. Recognize that you may be suffering from exercise boredom.  Are you just going through the motions, but not really feeling the workout?  Have you been doing the same routine for a few months? Has it been a while since you have noticed any positive changes in your mind and body?
  2. Research some new exercise options.  Ask your active friends about their workouts.  Check out some of your favourite fitness blogs for ideas or book a few sessions with a personal trainer to help spice up your routine.
  3. Don't abandon you old exercise routine completely.  If you still like to run (or bike, or swim, whatever it is that you are currently doing), try to incorporate it into your workouts, just not as frequently. 
  4. Be flexible.  For example, if you don't feel like running on your scheduled day, don't sweat it.  Do another activity that you would enjoy more.  Remember, exercise is supposed to be fun :)

How often do you switch up your routine?  Any tips to share?

Stay Healthy,

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