Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Hormone Diet Detox: Follow Up

Remember a few weeks ago I embarked on the Hormone Diet Detox?

Well, I finished it and have re-introduced the forbidden foods back into my diet and I thought I would share my thoughts.

I did the detox for roughly 4 weeks.  I slowly removed food froms my diet over the first 2 weeks and did a complete detox for the last 2 weeks.

I realized 3 important things:

  1. Dairy, gluten and corn are in almost everything.  I was scrutinizing packages, double checking in restaurants and scouring stores for detox friendly foods.
  2. There are lots of fantastic (and delicious) foods to choose from, even when you omit many of the things you are used to eating.
  3. The detox was tough, but I feel much better after doing it.

As I mentioned, I am bringing back certain foods one at a time.  The book suggests this order: rye, yogurt, cheese, wheat.

I don't eat a lot of rye, so I wasn't really detoxing from it.  I started with yogurt and everything seemed fine so the next day, I had some cheese.  No problems there and I am not very surprised as I have never really had a problem with dairy.

Then, I moved on to wheat.  The following few days, I noticed that I was feeling bloated.

Uh oh, could gluten be the culprit?

I am going to avoid it for the next few days and see how I feel.  I suspect that it is and if that is the case I am going to limit my gluten intake.

The next step of the program is to follow what Dr. Turner calls the "Glyci-Med Approach".  It is based on the glycemic index and the Mediterranean diet where you follow 3 basic rules:

  1. Eat the right foods.  Fresh, local and organic (if possible).
  2. At the right times. Eat every 3-4 hours.
  3. Avoid hormone hindering food. 80-100% of the time.

So that is exactly what I am going to do.  I am also taking the recommended supplements to battle inflammation in the body.

I will continue to update you on my journey and hope that you share yours!

Are you embarking on a health-changing diet plan?  What has your experience been?
    Stay Healthy,

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